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     UrbanX is one of the newest styles of music and it’s simply a way of life.  UrbanX takes you on a journey that gives you a natural adrenaline and entices feelings of positivity and purpose.  It places you in a new element, introduces new melodic texture and sound that resonates with everyone. It’s not just for the young or the old, but it reaches each soul searching to excel life.  

  One cannot simply define it as pop, rap, alternative, or even new age. UrbanX is a fusion of all musical genres. It is a collective unity of blended rhythms and beats that create a continuous echo of dubstep, pop, rock, and classical music that also embraces urban, rap, motown, and other high quality sounds that stimulate the listening ear and open eye. Producer E.D.4., said it best when he explained his compositions as,“Life without boundaries.”

The sole purpose of these creations are designed to connect the world and create an aura of liberation, and success.



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