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Meet The Producer

Ed "E.D.4" Davis IV from "The City of Detroit"


   Detroit symbolizes justice, hard work, a solid foundation, and a city that has been the originator of breaking boundaries. This is why Edward Davis IV, also known as “E.D.4”, takes so much pride in his city and understands that life is full of limitless possibilities. UrbanX was also created based on these fundamental truths.  In 2010, Edward Davis IV, also known as the producer, “E.D.4.”, was a starting a new career as a Freshman attending college at the  Bowling Green State University. He was prepared to take home victories on the football field. However, an injury gave him the opportunity to realign his purpose and redevelop life’s plan. After cracking and tearing his ligament, he used his time to develop his craft. A setback did not stop him from rising to the top. E.D.4, stated that, “Out of the hurt, came the work” and UrbanX was conceived. It was not until 2013 that his music became full effect.



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