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comes with ideology,

ideologies come with mindsets.



#OnlyGreatness #KingTalk

#MovieMusiX Disc Two




    IIWII (It Is What It Is ) is the World Record Breaking

1000 Track Series that takes the House, Dubstep, Trance, Dance, Pop, Festival lane but it's UrbanX so you never know what genre will pop up. Producer E.D.4, being a Detroit Native wanted to make a statement with the #IIWII series, by championing his hometown Detroit, and by making an Ode to a movement that was started by the region. The EP also makes a bold statement to artist, or anyone who wants to move toward success, Do It! Doubt & fear hold you back.. press forward...

It Is What It Is.                    


                        #IIWII - It Is What It Is 


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