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Move Away from the Same Old Same Old

and Learn Something New

We all have certain skills and hobbies we enjoy doing, but when was the last time you branched out and tried something new? It might not sound like something that should be high up on your list of priorities, but trying new things actually has several benefits, according to HuffPost. Perhaps you could use it as an opportunity to overcome a fear or get to know yourself better by further exploring your likes (and dislikes too). Maybe you’re overcoming an addiction and looking for a way to stay productive. You could even try something that you could turn into a marketable business, or at the very least, discover a fun new activity you can enjoy alone or with others. If you need some ideas to get you started, keep reading.

Get Instrumental

You hear music every day, whether it’s on the television, radio, or Internet, and there are just some songs that put you in a good mood and get you moving. Sure, the lyrics are catchy, but you have instruments to thank for that catchy beat. Learning to play an instrument has wonderful effects on your brain, including strengthening memory, reading skills, comprehension, and multi-tasking. Not

to mention it is a great way to relax and unwind to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as socialize with others. Some instruments are a little more difficult to master than others, but there are several that are perfect for beginner musicians such as the guitar, piano, or violin. While you can certainly try to pick it up on your own, it’s best to have a teacher starting off to reduce frustration and provide positive guidance and feedback.

Get Dancing

So you like music but you don’t want to learn an instrument. Why not learn to dance? There are probably local dance classes in your area where like-minded people gather to practice. If you’re a little shy and would prefer to learn on your own, there are countless dance videos to get you up and moving. And while dancing is certainly good exercise, it’s also great for improving your self-esteem and boosting your mental health.

Get Sporty

Staying active by picking up a new sport provides the obvious physical benefits such as exercise and weight maintenance, but sports offer a lot more than just a trim physique. Healthline reports that there are mental benefits to take into consideration as well. For one, it can be huge self-confidence booster. As you watch your skills and stamina improve, you can’t help but be proud of yourself. This can transfer to other areas of your life such as work, school, or parenting. You’ll enjoy stress relief too. By staying active, your mind is focused on the task in front of you rather than the stress weighing on your mind. Swinging a tennis racket, throwing a discus, logging laps in the pool, or simply pounding the pavement on a brisk walk are all great ways to relieve stress.

Get Creative

When it comes to getting creative, it’s easy to offer the excuse that you don’t have a creative bone in your body, but when you take time to look into all the different art forms to try, you’re bound to find something you’re good at. Plus, there’s not a rule that says you have to be a pro from the start – learning is part of the fun. In addition to the traditional art forms such as painting or pottery, try something a little more unique such as ceramics, watercolor, or weaving. You might even throw it back to your childhood days and make a collage. No matter what you try first, you’ll soon find that you achieve more as you go.

If you’ve found that you’re getting tired of the same routine, why not add a new hobby or activity to the mix? There are plenty of options including learning a new instrument, sport, or artistic medium. It can’t hurt to give it a try!

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